We bought a van! Its an old BT Transit… 2.4 350 MWB HiTop, called Frankie. Frankenfurter the sweet transvestite! He is for camping and festivals for the two of us. After traveling round Australia in a van for 2 years a tent really seems like slumming it!

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Frankie the sweet Transvestite
Frankie the sweet Transvestite

There is lots of work to be done but we are not really in a rush, it would be nice to have most of it done for summer 2014, we started Summer 2013!

—- Update —-
OK so maybe summer 2015 we’ll be finished!

The kitchen is going in now and we’ve finished the Alfie Cave (a cot bed over the front seats for the Bairn).
Here’s some inspiration to keep us going…

OK so this is becoming a long rambling process that I’m thoroughly enjoying! You probably don’t want to take as long as me but you can check my progress on the other pages from the Campervan menu above.

—- Update —-
OK so maybe summer 2016!

—- Update —-
OK so maybe summer 2017!

—- Update —-
Still not finished and its now 2020, its never going to be finished but it is still going strong. By this point I’ve ripped out everything in the back and redone it once as I needed to get welding done in the back. …but its mine and I love it.

—- Final Update —-

So in 2023 it is with great sadness that Frankie the van went to live his last days in the sunshine of Spain. The fuel pump died (~£1000) and yet more welding was needed (~£1000) and I just couldn’t justify the expense.

Someone who could fix the fuel pump bought it once it was stripped back to a van. To emigrate to Spain with their stuff.

Frankie was one of the best things I ever did and would do it again in a heartbeat. Frankie the 2nd will have a galvanised body…. Not a transit as I’m burned by the welding issues. Maybe a Renault Master….. Maybe something smaller to also use as a daily driver?