The flooring is fairly simple…
I want a black and white chequered flooring!

Black and white, chequered flooring

£60 from B and Q for 3m x 2m.

The edges I want in shiny aluminium tread plate.


The process was fairly simple as I decided to keep the existing ply flooring. The vinyl was spread out across the floor and roughly cut oversize, being careful to make sure the squares line up and did not end up on a slant! Once I had a roughly cut version it was much easier to carefully cut to size with a Stanley knife. The trickiest bit was going round the wheels, I wanted to do the whole floor prior to fitting furniture in case I ever changed my mind about the layout.

2014-05-21 21.02.28

The trimming around the doors and between the cab and the back were all edged in tread plate after the vinyl. I managed to borrow a chopsaw / mitre saw to get nice 45 degree cut so the edges meet up nicely. To fix the tread plate in place I just drilled holes through the tread plate and countersunk them to ensure the screw would be flush and screwed through the vinyl into the ply flooring.

2014-05-21 21.02.44

I think it now looks really good… downside is that the step now looks really shabby so I’m going to have to do that as well with the offcuts.