Hmmmm I did get an old caravan cooker/sink unit that I was going to fit but it was ugly and broken. I’d really like a shiney Smev unit but they are expensive. I have found this though…

This is designed to run on domestic gas though and a comparable SMEV 2 hob unit (SMEV 2212) is about £150!

Smev 9222 (Left-hand sink)

£230ish for a sink and cooker for my van!!

May have to ask father Christmas!

OK…. so I can’t afford the smev kitchen unit! I have found an old caravan hob and grill for £30. Photos to come. This is now tested and ready to cut a hole in the worktop (eeeeeep!) to fit it.



OK so that has been in for a year and its annoying me! So I’ve bought one of these to replace it for £98.

This does mean I have to upgrade the worktop as this one is smaller than the old one so the current hole will be too big!