Rules and regs….
If its a self build and not for rental then basically you can do what you want!! I’d advise following the regs for all vehicles though.

  • Fix EVERYTHING to the wall.
  • Get a tap and T-Connector for every appliance.
  • Don’t solder, use compression fittings

Alternatively, get a pre-made manifold with the correct number of taps for your appliances.


Gas Locker
I’m looking for a gas locker as I would like to store the gas bottle somewhere inaccessible from inside the van to not use up valuable space. Struggling to find one that will have an external door and is not stupidly expensive! Still need to sort out the gas cupboard.

2016-03-28 15.44.26

Fitted and tested for leaks, all piping is in 8mm copper and fixed in place with copper brackets.

I still need to label everything but I also need to rotate the initial tap as to of the taps turn up for off and one of them down! This irritates me! The “gas cupboard” is still just a wooden cupboard and I still want to upgrade it to a proper metal one with external access for the gas bottle. I still has a 40mm drop-out for any leaking gas but I need to get strap to hold the gas bottle in place when on the move. The joins in the cupboard have all been covered with sealant to help prevent escaped gas filling other compartments.

Gas Bottle Strap
I just searched “caravan gas bottle strap” on ebay and got a huge selection for around £6! No excuse for not having one for so long really!!


Over a few years I think everything has shaken loose as I found a very small leak but that made me want to pull it apart and check all the connections. To make things easier for the future I’ve made sure that every connection is now accessible for testing. I have replaced a series of right angle compression fittings by using continuous copper pipe bent into the correct shape with a pipe bender to avoid kinks in the pipe.

Sods law was that the only bits that I found that were loose were both accessible and neither of them were the compression fittings.