Sink & Tap

Have looked at lots of taps and sink units online and they are either hideously expensive or horrid! At the moment I’m thinking of making my own sink and tap. Current idea is to have a dog bowl sunk into the worktop. Waste pipe and plug hole could come later! The tap could be a rustic looking copper/brass pipe bent into a U shape and ball/lever valve

Would a cheap submersible pump cope with 15mm diameter copper pipe?
– I have been given a cheap submersible pump.

8mm copper valves have shit handles!
– Could I expand and reduce from 8mm to 15mm?

Initially a separate micro switch for the pump and tap.
Then extend the arm of the water tap to flick the switch as well
– This could be changed so that the switch arm ends on a copper rod that pulls the switch. The rod could feed through a hole in the worktop so that the electronics are hidden beneath the worktop.


Dog Bowl £4.00

Would be really nice if the bowl was copper to match the tap
…..Copper/brass mixing bowl.

Lever valve £2.50

Plug Hole £5.99

So far I’ve got my £4 dog bowl fitted along with the submersible pump and an LED rocker switch to turn the pump on/off. The plastic tubing is temporary but works.

So I’ve got the copper pipe for the tap and bent it around a heavy cardboard tube from the center of a carpet, with a pipe spring inside the pipe to stop it crumpling in on itself or creasing.

The bracket I made by drilling a 16mm hole in an off-cut of wood. then cutting the wood in half. A metal strip was then bent so it could be screwed onto the wood clamping around the pipe.

The switch for the submersible pump. I’ve heat-shrunk the connectors just in case.



Ok so the dog bowl doesn’t drain very well at all…. the plug hole ended up being raised too high above the base of the sink meaning the water doesn’t drain well. However…. B&Q do a cheap one for £26

…but both of those have holes for a tap which I don’t want,

I really like this one from Ikea but it is quite deep!

If that is too deep once I’ve sorted out the fridge and vents then I may have to go for one of these instead…

…the space I have to fit it in is 50cm (width) x 29cm (depth) x 30cm (height).

Chosen a Sink…

I managed to drop the fridge lower by extending the exhaust pipe for it, this mean I had room for the nice Ikea sink. It looks awesome but now by sink is over the fridge and not where it was so it doesn’t line up with the hole in the floor of the van for the waste…  I’m not sure this matters as I have space for the a small grey water tank which would also mean that the water doesn’t run out under the van either at random or into a bucket. I don’t like doing that as I’m ofter at festivals and working later and I worry about the dripping / running noise into the bucket would wake up other crew sleeping in tents near my van.