These costumes are one that I have designed and/or made for gigs, parties, festivals or just for the hell of it.

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  • Cave Girl - I'm thinking if I need to use any buttons then I can use 'horn' buttons although they wouldn't have been around for a long time its not like its an accurate costume!
  • Claws - These are not just stick-on fingernails, oh no they are far more than that. They are articulated extensions with realistic movement and and least some lifting capability! As usual it is the mechanics and movement that I am interested in and haven't really considered the covering once it works, maybe robotic, fleshy or a combination but it would really depend on the rest of the costume in use.
  • Fire ‘Obby ‘Orse - Right then this is a request to design and come up with an 'Obby 'Orse fire costume for use by one of the UK Burners groups at this years burning man! [Edit: this was a good few years ago.]
  • Foam Horns - This is my second attempt to make lightweight horns, my first attempt involved a 3D printer but the less said about that the better!
  • Goat Boy / Faun / Devil - Hairy legs and horns, what more can I say.
  • Hare Ears Hare Ears - The idea is to make some clip-on hare ears for a Mad March Hair costume. They are going to be long and shaped so they are not just the 2D cheap ones you get on a headband!
  • Harley & Joker - Another great couples costume! A purple suited Joker and suicide squad era Harley I think is the best pairing although there would be some great red and black latex options for Harley.
  • Mad Max Post Apocalypse - Possibly the coolest genre of costume that is going and the new film with Tom Hardy is no exception.
  • Morticia & Gomez -
  • Pirate Costume - So, it might be noted that I love pirate costumes and stuff! So this is an ever ongoing costume for me. Here's an ever growing source of some supplies and inspiration.
  • Ringmaster - I love the circus, I do lots of circus stuff, I help at a circus festival... I need a ringmaster costume!
  • Sci Fi Collar - The Sci Fi Collar is something that I’ve been thinking about for a while! A long futuristic looking collar / facemask / neck-piece.
  • SciFi Mask - This is an idea I've had floating around for a while, since I saw you could get a gas mask for about £15! The model in the image above is an Eastern European M10 (I think). Basically I want it to breathe smoke and light up!
  • Sith - Star Wars costume required for a party, I've previously done the Princess Leia (buns and white) and Yoda costumes so decided to go with the Sith costume. It'll look good with a fire sword or my glow staffs.
  • Wings v1 - The idea behind this was to create a set of mechanically articulated wings. They should be powered either by mechanics, pnumatics or hydralyics. Its the actual maechanics that I’m really interested in and have in mind a finshed product that is either styalised stem/cyber punk or devil/dragon wings. I have a feeling that I will simply build two sets once I have the mechanics working neatly and simply. There are several versions around that are controlled by moving the upper arms but these have never appealed to me!

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