Foam Horns

Project Status: Under Construction

If you take a look at my first horns (under the Goat Boy / Faun / Devil page), they look really good and came out really well… the only down side is that they are really heavy. After 20 minutes of wearing them I can feel them pressing into my head.

This is my second attempt to make lightweight horns, my first attempt involved a 3D printer but the less said about that the better!

First rescue a discarded sofa cushion and dispose of the cover so you are left with the upholstery foam.

Then hack off a lump bigger than the horns you want (on the right in the picture below). I have done all of the cutting with a decent pair of scissors. I thought that a hot wire or reciprocating electric knife may make life easy but it was fairly easy with scissors!

Then roughly cut out the shape you want (in the middle of the picture below).

Before smoothing out the shape as desired (on the right in the photo below)…

No we come to prepping the surface ready for painting and this is where we hit the issue with using cheap (free) upholstery foam. Upholstery foam is open cell, which means that it can act like a sponge and soak up whatever you put on it!!

I’m currently experimenting with repeated layers of PVA and will let you know how that goes!

So it looks like two layers of PVA glue isn’t enough, even when painted it looks like foam! More coats of PVA are going on now and I may have already cut a lot of different types of horns!

…and spray painted…

Then I’ve tried just hot-gluing them to strips of elastic to wear them…

…boy child is happy with his version….