Goat Boy / Faun / Devil

Project Status: Complete

Right this is an old costume but somehow got lost on my website!

Its in two easy parts… Goats Legs and Horns!
…for bonus credit see Contract with the Devil


This was a really basic dirty make… I don’t do sewing! Buy a couple of meters of hairy fabric, the longer the hair the better. Lie down on it and fold it over your legs… cut to length of hip to floor + 10cm. wrap around your waist with 10cm extra for luck. The extra 10cm length is to roll over for a draw string.

Spread the fabric out again and lie on it in the middle, you should have enough to fold over each leg and meet in the middle. You will need to cut a slit in the bottom layer and the seams are then going to come on the inside of each leg and up the crotch! I hand stitched this all to avoid catching the hair and so the seam vanishes into all the fluff!





This is only version 1 but they came out looking really well so have never got round to making another version. I should as they are really heavy and uncomfortable!


The are just made out of polymer clay! Rolled into a cone, twisted into a spiral and scored with a chopstick. Before I cooked them in the oven I pushed a chopstick through the base of each one so a bit of string holds them to my head. Having fluffy hair means it really easy to hide the string. I did no colouring! The clay colour was the same as you can see on the base and the gradually blackened tips come from me cooking them in the oven for too long! Looks good though.

It would have been better if I used air dry clay as it is a lot lighter or even better if I cut them out of foam and covered them in Waterproof PVA and spray paint!