Pirate Costume

Project Status: Complete

So, it might be noted that I love pirate costumes and stuff! So this is an ever ongoing costume for me. Here’s an ever growing source of some supplies and inspiration.

  • Axe - Boarding axe for all your boarding needs.
  • Beads - Lots of beads
  • Belts…. lots of belts! - The more the merrier.
  • Boots - Every good pirate needs some boots.
  • Hat - I need a tricorn hat!
  • Jacket - The new jacket is cool and a big step up.
  • Pistols - I don't want a cheap plastic one as I always break them...
  • Sash - Need a sash for your waist if you're going to be a pirate.
  • Shirt - I was using a random coconut shirt that I'd picked up on my travels but it wasn't quite right. I've now switched to using a 'viking' shirt from Aliexpress...
  • Sword - Some of these aren't available any more but I couldn't afford to spend £400 on a really nice cutlass. I did however stumble on a ceremonial sabre in a second hand shop for £30.

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Here’s some inspiration…



Other sources…

Found a great store for bits…

Including a good shirt…. 😛



Costume So Far

Awesome buckle
Neck bling
Bronze bird skull
See no evil carved tooth (fake plastic thing from a charity shop)

A handful of extras – lots of wrist bling, a pocket watch (not entirely in keeping with the time but looks cool), a couple of small chests and a couple of tankards.


Costume So Far 2

This is the costume now with the new shirt, new jacket, axe holder but not yet done the sword frog to fit that to the belt.