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  • Chain Harness - Chain Harnesses that I have made.....
  • Necklaces - Necklaces that have been made so far....
  • Still in Stock - These are items I still have and need to be sold. If I'm keeping up with my admin they should be on Etsy!

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  • CH02 – Chain Harness - Not much to say about this one actually. Other than a parts list its fairly self explanatory.
  • CH03 – Chain Harness - Antique bronze chain harness with three sizes of chain (the largest being 4mm x 3mm)
  • CH04 – Chain Harness - Another antique bronze chain harness. This one again in several sizes of chain with the biggest being 4mm x 3mm.
  • CH05 – Gothic - A Gothic style chain harness with 3 point pendants on the neck, a pentagram and faceted pendant. This one used a mix of 3mm cable chain and 2mm curb chain.
  • CH06 – Gunmetal, O-Ring Choker - Gunmetal chain harness, featuring O-ring choker.
  • CH07 – Gunmetal, Butt Chains - 3x4mm Gunmetal curb chain with tri-ring features and angular pendants. Two lobster clasps fasten this piece, one behind the neck and one at the lower back. It has butt chains!
  • CH08 – Double chain, O-ring collar - Chunky double chain body harness. Features: Triple chain collar O-ring loop on collar Pendant hanging in the O-ring
  • CH09 – Gunmetal Ribcage - Gunmetal chain harness with ribcage details and multi-strand choker.
  • CH10 – Pentagram Chest Piece - A pentagram chest harness with pendant detail.
  • CH11 – Chain Bra -
  • CH12 – Ribcage & Hearts - Ribcage style chain harness with red jewel heart details.
  • CH13 – Spider Harness - Chunky chain harness with green and black jewel spider pendant detail.
  • CH14 – Corpse Chain Harness - Gunmetal harness with multiple O-rings, a corpse pendant and a small gem. Lobster clasps fasten behind the neck and lower back.
  • Chain and Scale Mail - I love chain mail. This is going to be a series of projects featuring jewelry, fashion items as well as armour! I want to play with both chain and scale mail.
  • Chandelier Earrings - This was a fairly quick simple build, some dolls house LED chandeliers soldered onto battery packs with switches. There were two different types that I tried one with a cold white light and one with a warm white light.
  • Earrings v1 - Asymetrical, antique bronze with 2.5mm cable chain holding the pendants at different heights.
  • N01 – Byzantine Antique Bronze - A delicate byzantine weave in in antique bronze. The rings are from 0.7mm wire have an OD of 4mm. There is no rear clasp on this necklace, the pendants on the front feed through a ring.
  • N03 – Red Copper - Red copper necklace, can be made to fit any neck size or be adjustable.
  • N04 – Gunmetal, Chain Pendant -
  • N05 – Gunmetal, O-Ring Pendant - Gunmetal, double-linked chain necklace featuring a double O-ring pendant.
  • N06 – Gunmetal Multistrand - ck and ring multistring, gunmetal multi-sting necklace.
  • N07 – Multiring Necklace - A multiring gunmetal necklace with triple intricate chain and a lobster clasp.
  • N08 – Gunmetal Choker - A gunmetal choker featuring multiple sizes of O-ring, angular pendants and with an adjustable clasp.
  • Packaging - This is my first trial run for some packaging options. I like this style and I think I'm going to stick with it.
  • Still in Stock - These are items I still have and need to be sold. If I'm keeping up with my admin they should be on Etsy!

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