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  • Circus Sign - I want an old style circus light in the sitting room above the door. It would be good for it to be removable so that it can be taken to festivals etc.
  • Dance Lights - Simple idea…. Pedestrian crossing lights with the words: Don’t Walk (in red) Dance (in green)
  • Disco Kitchen - Another slightly ridiculous project, I had some badly wired under counter lighting. The cables were hanging down and they were just irritating. So time for an upgrade.
  • Dolls Head Lamp - I want a creepy dolls head lamp! [EDIT: I have a creepy dolls head lamp and it does make me happy, now I have left over doll parts.]
  • Flickering Lamp - I'd thought of this and then Adam Savage beat me to it! An electronic flickering battery powered lamp. There has been a release of much more realistic electronic fire bulbs since they have started using addressable LEDs. I want to convert some of them to battery power to go in various lamps that I own.
  • Kraken Lamp - Roadside find that I couldn't walk past made into something I'd actually keep.
  • LED Chandelier - The LED Chandelier is to be set up for lighting up either market stalls or as a feature piece within festival tents.
  • LED Chandelier v2 - I've managed to get hold of another chandelier.... this seems to happen quite a lot now.
  • Lighting Rig - I want to build a lighting rig. In fact I want to build a couple of lighting rigs. I think I can canabalise a kids trampoline to do this. Before anyone whinges, I've got another trampoline from freecycle and the boy gets to choose his favorite before I hack apart the other!
  • Narnia Lamp - The basic idea is to have a low power LED victorian lamp that can be broken down into sections and easily moved about. The lamp should be capable of being powered from a portable solution, such as a deep cycle battery and solar panel hook up. The idea is to have the whole system portable for use at markets (to cast general lighting on a market stall) and outside tents at festivals.
  • Pump Up the Volume Middle Finger Light - I love Pump Up the Volume.... I want the middle finger light to go above my work desk. I think I can do it easily enough with a USB LED bulb thingy as I have a load spare. Now I just need to track down some source photos and details.
  • Turkish Lights - I bought some light in Turkey. They are awesome! Turkish wiring however leaves a lot to be desired for. First step was to rip out the speaker wire that had been used for the power! The joints had just been twisted together and wrapped with electrical tape!!!
  • Wireless Tower Light - This project is based around the NerdForge Project… I bought some WeMos D1 Minis from AliExpress to play around with this. My idea is to get my head around them by first creating one with a button and one with an LED strip and doing a simple On/Off. Then I can look at adding a …

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  • Art-Net to DMX - So…. I’m looking at an Art-Net to DMX adaptor as I want to eventually control DMX from a tablet. I currently think that I can hook a tablet to WiFi, connect an Art-Net-to-DMX adaptor to the router (RJ45) and then a wireless DMX to the Art-Net adaptor… This should give me the ability to wander …
  • Cheap Audio / XLR Cables -
  • Cheap LED DMX Parcans - Oooooooooohhhh cheap parcans…..
  • Home made Art-Net to DMX Node - need to look at OLA on the pi! Buy a Pi
  • Potential new toy… Raspberry Pi DMX Lighting Controller - Too many projects… too little time! £1.42 – MAX485 module + some coding, an XLR cable for data transmission, a project box… Oh the possibilities 🙂
  • Spectrum Analyzer - This is so damn cool, I want one!
  • Wireless DMX Controller - £82.36 for 1x Transmitter + 6x Recievers
  • Wireless LED Tower Lights - I love these..... I want them!