LED Chandelier

Project Status: Complete

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The LED Chandelier is to be set up for lighting up either market stalls or as a feature piece within festival tents.

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Brief & Inspiration

My initial thought on this are to have an ornate old school chandelier but illuminated by LED’s to reduce power consumption.


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Time & Money

  Estimated So Far…
Time to Design 15 hrs 1 hrs
Time to Build (Including sourcing/scrounging materials!) 25 hrs 1 hrs
Cost to Build £75 £13

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Preliminary Sketches & Development

My first thoughts are that it should either be battery powered or 12v DC, this will allow it to be powered easily from a solar or deepcycle system as well as it being easy to obtain AC to 12V DC converters, that would depend on the distance from the power supply to the chandelier as 12v DC cabling would be expensive and ineffective over a long distance.

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Review So Far!

OK so I was making it way too complicated, I must remember to keep things simple and get them done… versions 2, 3, 4, 5 can be more complicated and expensive. Version 1 should be simple, cheap and work!

Item 1….. a £3 battery powered LED lightbulb from Asda

Item 2….. a chandelier(ish) from B&M for £7.99

The only downside is that the bulb turns on/off by pulling on the cord and the chandelier is heavy enough to pull on the switch. The solution is to order some cheap 2mm chain from ebay so the chandelier hangs off a spit ring by four chains and the bulb hangs off the same ring by its pull string.

I’m just waiting for the chain to arrive now.

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OK so I ordered the wrong chain from ebay…

So went and bought something more appropriate from B&Q…

Cut the cord from the light as short as I could and tied on a carabiner. 

 Cut 4 short lengths of chain, attach them to the chandelier by taking off a string of the sparkly bits and sliding the chain over the strut/arm then putting the sparkly bits back on! The other ends of the chain were looped through a split ring.

Then I can feed the carabiner through the center of the chandelier and clip it onto the split ring.

And thats your lot…. an LED, battery powered chandelier that can even be carried around. Aside from the messing up buying two lots of chain and I cheated as I had the carabiner lying around, I reckon it still came in under £15.