Lighting Rig

Project Status: Abandoned

I want to build a lighting rig. In fact I want to build a couple of lighting rigs. I think I can canabalise a kids trampoline to do this. Before anyone whinges, I’ve got another trampoline from freecycle and the boy gets to choose his favorite before I hack apart the other!

Rig 1

The first rig I want to be a simple small bar over my desk as a place to rig a couple of lights for testing and to have them out and in use as oppose to boxed for most of the time. I should be able to do this from either the legs of the trampoline or the uprights that hold the netting that stops the boy bouncing off it.

Rig 2

The trampoline breaks down into 4 sections that gives me several modular options of making a small circular rig, an S shaped rig using all four pieces, 2 smaller S shaped rigs or 4 separate curved sections.

Normally the pieces just slot together and are held in place by the tension on the springs and the bit you bounce on, as I’m not going to have this, I’m going to drill through the bits that slot together so that I can drop a bolt in to hold them together.

Mounting Points

Ideally I would weld a loop at the end of each section to attach a supporting chain. But as my welding is none existent I’m going to have to settle for bolting the sections together with eyebolts, having the supporting chain go around the bar and attach to itself AND the eyebolt with a quick link. This way the bar rests on the support chain and the load of the whole rig plus lights is not on the nut on the underside of the eyebolt. The eyebolt will prevent the chain slipping along the bar but should not be considered as load bearing.