Making a leather belt

I’ve never worked with leather so I’ll start with a shit load of videos on what I need and how-to! Then I’ll get obsessed for a while work out how much I need to spend for the basic tools. The I’ll probably leave it 6 month worrying about spending the money, until I get bored one day!

A pretty good starting place on making a leather belt!

There are other links….

  • Cutting Mat
  • Punchpad
  • Steel T Square
  • Skiving (thinning) Knife / Skive
  • Foam brushes
  • Contact Adhesive / Contact Cement
  • Pricking irons
  • Crew Punch / Oblong Punch
  • Mallet (Nylon or Wood)
  • Jewelers Rouge (for sharpening tools)
  • Edge Beveller
  • Bone Folder
  • Edge Burnisher

…and then some nice to haves…

  • Strap End Punch
  • Olfa Rotary Cutter
  • Wing Divider