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  • Circus Challenge - Back when I was 11, I learned to juggle 3 balls. I decided that I would learn a new prop every year. So far I have kept it up.... nearly slipped a few years.
  • Contact Me! - My contact form.
  • Current Project Status - Here is a brief list of the projects on this sites and their current status. Keep scrolling down for thumbnails and excerpts.
  • DIY Project Planner - Just a list of projects I need to do around the house.
  • Etsy Shop - I've started a shop. I don't actually want all of the things that i make but I really like the making process so I'm selling some of the things that I make to fund making more things!
  • Exercise - Some random useful exercise resources in my mid-life crisis.
  • Linktree - My LinkTree - links to my social media and other places to find me.
  • Motivation - Random videos to remind me to keep going.
  • Random Posts & Pages - These are the odd posts & pages that just don't fit under the different categories!
  • Supply Sources - Below is various sites I've found for my supplies.

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