Furniture, lighting and fixed pieces (big props!)
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  • Bike & Garden Shelter - A simple premise on this one... new house, no where to store the bikes!
  • Fireplace - I found a fireplace in a skip.... I've been meaning to clear some space in my front room and open up the old fireplace. I guess that means its time to do it!
  • Dinner Dome! Geodome - I love Geodomes! There I've said it, you can argue till your are blue in the face that teepee's are more practical, yurts are more traditional or a marquee is more user firendly... none of them are as cool as a geodome!
  • Knife Throwing Board - Not many how-to's on this one as I just built it out of random stuff I had lying around. The idea was for a table that could be stood one one end to throw knives at!
  • Mirror Wall - I added a wall of mirrors to go opposite the aerial points and to try and get more light into the front room.
  • Painting Abuse - I randomly found a painting in the street. It's not my style but its so awesome I brought it home anyway. I figure that I could use the frame if nothing else.

    So I put it up in my front room, clashing with the rest of the room and a couple of years later my friends pointed out how much I need to change it!

  • Rigging a suspension point - I've been asked this a few times now so I'm putting together some information here. I'm also buying a new house soon so will be able to add them wherever I want!
  • Scaffold Bed - I want an industrial looking 4-poster-bed. I like the idea of it being scaffold pole but less chunky.
  • Shelving - I've decided to do a lot more shelving in my dining room/gym as the space isn't used well and it could be a lot less cluttered. I'm going to use scaffold board, belt sanders, blow torch, stain and varnish for the shelves. See the table build for more details.
  • Side Drawers - Yet another roadside find. It needs a lot of TLS but I've got plans.
  • Table - I found a broken table by the side of the road. I wasn't planning on making a table but the base I found was cool and I obviously need more projects.
  • Throne - I want to build a throne, for my front room, because it would be awesome.
  • Wireless RGB Lights - WeMos D1 Mini boards to connect a bunch of RGB LED strips.

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