Bike & Garden Shelter

Project Status: Complete

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A simple premise on this one… new house, no where to store the bikes!

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Brief & Inspiration

The brief is to build a shelter that keeps the worst of the weather off the bikes and maybe space to tidy up some of the random things lying around the garden that don’t as yet have a home.

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Time & Money

  Estimated So Far…
Time to Design 3 hrs 2 hrs
Time to Build (Including sourcing/scrounging materials!) 20 hrs 8 hrs
Cost to Build £20 £10

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Preliminary Sketches & Development

My first thoughts are to make this out of scrounged pallets, that keeps it cheap an is easy to source. As such any dimensions of the shelter should be based around dimensions of the pallets that I find to make it simpler to make with less cutting and work!

Design wise my initial thoughts are to have a wooden shingle roof, this will vastly increase the weight but will improve the appearance and reduce the amount of stuff that needs to be purchased! Worth a try.

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Review So Far!

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