Project Status: Under Construction

I found a fireplace in a skip…. I’ve been meaning to clear some space in my front room and open up the old fireplace. I guess that means its time to do it!

First step was to use a carbide scraper and a detail sander to strip back the peeling varnish.

Then I painted the fire surround with some chalk paint I’d picked up at Aldi. I left the inlayed design as I quite liked it!

Next step was the fun bit….. Cut out and smash up the old covering!

Annoyingly I had to relocate a plug socket but it does mean that I could fit a double socket with USB ports in a handy location. This means that I can put some twinkly lights in the fireplace when I’m done and still have sockets for charging phones and laptops etc.

Added some framing so I can bring the wood that I’m going to use as a ‘hearthstone’ above the level of the carpet.

Cut and fitted some ply to cap off the chimney. This is screwed into some battens that I fixed inside the chimney.

The ‘hearthstone’ is cut from some scaffolding board and some very old house timbers that I’ve had lying around in my workshop.