Knife Throwing Board

Project Status: Complete


Not many how-to’s on this one as I just built it out of random stuff I had lying around. The idea was for a table that could be stood one one end to throw knives at!

I don’t throw much so the top boards won’t have to be replaced too often!


5 hinges
4 boards
+ random timber!



Not many notes you can see pretty much everything from the photos. The only thing to note is that everything is screwed in from the bottom of the table so I’m not throwing knives into screw heads.

3 boards form the top
1 board was cut up for the four legs
Timber was cut for the support for when it is on end.

All the sizes and lengths weren’t planned, just guestimated as I cut but if you are interested I can measure things.

2016-08-28 16.57.47

2016-08-28 16.58.05

2016-08-28 16.58.11

2016-08-28 16.59.09

2016-08-28 16.59.14

2016-08-28 16.59.31

2016-08-28 16.59.42

2016-08-28 16.59.52

Extra batton screwed on to use as a hand-hold.
2016-08-28 17.00.25