Project Status: Complete

I’ve decided to do a lot more shelving in my dining room/gym as the space isn’t used well and it could be a lot less cluttered.

I’m going to use scaffold board, belt sanders, blow torch, stain and varnish for the shelves. See the table build for more details.

Last time I borrowed a belt sander but I’ve got so much I want to do this time that I bought a second hand one on ebay for £35… Erbauer Belt Sander Ebs950. So far I’m really impressed and it was well worth it.

The first set of shelve are going over my desk so will have slightly different brackets to the rest which are going in alcoves. Here are the brackets – £11.62 for 4 inc delivery….

Rustic Scaffold Board Shelf Pair of Brackets Industrial Heavy Duty Steel Bracket

I also want a load of hooks under the shelves but it would be nice if they were matching. £15 for 12 hooks inc delivery but i think its worth it!!

Quite pleased with that!