3.5mm Input to Car Stereo

Project Status: Abandoned


The idea behind this project is to add a 3.5mm audio jack socket to my car. I currently have a Toyota Avensis with all of the factory standard equipment, including a single CD – CD player / radio. At the moment I am listening to a very small collection of CD’s and on occasion an MP3 player using a mini FM transmitter. FM transmitters are rubbish in built up cities with little spare bandwidth.

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Brief & Inspiration

Related discussion on the Toyota Car Owners Forum:

Adaptor and wiring loom for rear of stereo:

CTVTYX001 – Adaptor and Wiring Loom

Haynes Manual ~£15.50

Once out to a 3.5mm audio jack it would be nice to mount that on the dashboard on a spare switch point. I would do it on a spare switch point so that if it needs to be removed or updated only the switchpoint cover needs to be replced and not the facia or any other large (and expensive) part of the dash.

3.5mm Socket
3.5mm Socket

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Time & Money

  Estimated So Far…
Time to Design 3 hrs 1 hrs
Time to Build
(Including sourcing/scrounging materials!)
4 hrs 0 hrs
Cost to Build £50 £0

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Review So Far!

Shouldn’t be too difficult to do and will set me back ~£50 but leave me with a 3.5mm audio jack socket and a haynes manual!

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