Exchange 2013

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Upgrading email from hosted to On-Premise Exchange 2013

Exchange 2013 prerequisites

Post Installation Tasks

Pitfalls I fallen for so far…

Server 2012R2 virtual machine struggles with Dynamic RAM if you only give it 512MB to start up, seems fine to me at 1024MB.
OK scratch that once its got Exchange on it, it freezes and you can’t Ctrl+Alt+Del even from the Hyper-V Manager Console Action menu. Upped the startup RAM to 4GB and it seems a lot better. I have left the minimum at 1GB in the hope that it is just an initial spike of usage!
You can’t email directly by MX record if you’re using a dynamic IP… that’s what spammers used to do! Use your webhost as an SMTP relay / smart host.

Set-SendConnector -Identity "AuthSMTP Connector" -Port 465

Moved to a new place and the server was left on pretty much just for the email! Have migrate everything to an email only Office 365 account (~£2.50 / month).
Server now runs backup, domain, file storage, remote access… but is now switched off for the majority of the time!