WordPress Project Status Plugin v2

Project Status: Complete

So I made a new one…
This is what adds the icons at the top of the pages if I use the ‘ProjectStatus’ shortcode.

Plugin Name: Iceni - ProjectStatus
Plugin URI: http://www.icenidesign.com/
Description: Show Project Status Icon
Version: 1.0
Author: Tom Nickel
Author URI: http://twitter.com/icenidesign
License: Free to use and adapt

function ProjectStatus() {
    global $post;
    $tags = get_the_tags($post->ID);
    $tagOutput = [];
	$ImageLocation = "https://icenidesign.com/wp-content/plugins/IceniProjectStatus";
	$ImageWidth = "300";
	$ImageHeight = "30";
	$ProjectComplete = '<img src="'.$ImageLocation.'/ProjectStatus_Complete.png" alt="Project Status: Complete" title="Project Status: Complete" width="'.$ImageWidth.'" height="'.$ImageHeight.'" />';
	$ProjectAbandoned = '<img src="'.$ImageLocation.'/ProjectStatus_Abandoned.png" alt="Project Status: Abandoned" title="Project Status: Abandoned" width="'.$ImageWidth.'" height="'.$ImageHeight.'" />';
	$ProjectUnderConstruction = '<img src="'.$ImageLocation.'/ProjectStatus_UnderConstruction.png" alt="Project Status: Under Construction" title="Project Status: Under Construction" width="'.$ImageWidth.'" height="'.$ImageHeight.'" />';
	$ProjectBacklog = '<img src="'.$ImageLocation.'/ProjectStatus_Backlog.png" alt="Project Status: Backlog" title="Project Status: Backlog" width="'.$ImageWidth.'" height="'.$ImageHeight.'" />';
	/*if the tags aren't empty...*/
    if (!empty($tags)) { 
		/*Populate the output array with the prewaffle*/
        array_push($tagOutput, '<div class="IceniDesignProjectStatusDiv">');
        foreach($tags as $tag) {
			if($tag->name == 'ProjectComplete'){
				array_push($tagOutput, $ProjectComplete);
			elseif($tag->name == 'ProjectAbandoned'){
				array_push($tagOutput, $ProjectAbandoned);
			elseif($tag->name == 'ProjectUnderConstruction'){
				array_push($tagOutput, $ProjectUnderConstruction);
			elseif($tag->name == 'ProjectBacklog'){ 
				array_push($tagOutput, $ProjectBacklog);
		/*Populate the output array with the postwaffle*/
        array_push($tagOutput, '</div>');

	/*Mash the arry into one big lump and return it as the function output*/
    return implode('', $tagOutput);

/*Shortcode name calls function name*/
add_shortcode('ProjectStatus', 'ProjectStatus');