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  • Contract with the Devil - The idea behind this one was just another prop to add to the combination goat / faun / devil outfit. It is going to be a blank contract for possession of a soul that I can then carry round with me and get victims / punters to sign two copies one for me and one for them.
  • Control Center - I'm jealous of the boy's Rave Cave Control Panel so with the lessons learned I'm going to build myself a more basic version, he says getting carried away with the planning already.
  • Dolls Head Lamp - I want a creepy dolls head lamp! [EDIT: I have a creepy dolls head lamp and it does make me happy, now I have left over doll parts.]
  • Flamethrower - Another fire toy for me to play with… I often rant about the dangers of fire breathing but all that discussion is covered on the Home Of Poi site – Dangers of Fire Breathing. So rather than breathing fire its more impressive awe-inspiring to build your own flamethrower! I’m not going into too much detail here as I’m not sure of the legalities but it will be a gas fuelled flame thrower and NOT a liquid fueled flame thrower (much safer!).
  • Flickering Lamp - I'd thought of this and then Adam Savage beat me to it! An electronic flickering battery powered lamp. There has been a release of much more realistic electronic fire bulbs since they have started using addressable LEDs. I want to convert some of them to battery power to go in various lamps that I own.
  • Gypsy Space Caravan - I was going to a festival and had spotted a cart/trolly in Asda to drag the boy around in. Weather forecast was scorching sun and/or thunderstorms! So commenced "Operation Gypsy Space Caravan"
  • Logo Template - I have a logo... what you didn't know? If I'm going to repeat this logo in lots of places it would be nice to have a template I can use for spray painting, possibly various different sizes
  • Master / Slave Coin - A coin labelled Master on one side and Slave on the other, for various magic tricks.
  • Rave Cave Control Panel - I want to make a porthole that shows different videos depending on which button you press as though you're looking through the porthole on a spaceship. As an additional step I'd like some buttons for sound effects and some to control an addressable LED strip... and just to make things more complex it should also control some external power for the lights already in the Rave Cave
  • Shield - I have a 5 year old.... we have foam swords, I now have an excuse to make some plywood shields.
  • Steampunk Gun - Steam punk accessories and equipment that can be used with many costumes.

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