Contract with the Devil

Project Status: Complete

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The idea behind this one was just another prop to add to the combination goat / faun / devil outfit. It is going to be a blank contract for possession of a soul that I can then carry round with me and get victims / punters to sign two copies one for me and one for them.

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Brief & Inspiration

I can’t remember what inspired me to do this but here are some examples I’ve scavenged from the internet…

Urbane Grandier's pact with the devil, 1633
Urbane Grandier’s pact with the devil, 1633

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Time & Money

This should be a fairly cheap one to do as there are not many materials involved and most of those I’ve got to hand.

  Estimated So Far…
Time to Design 3 hrs 1 hrs
Time to Build (Including sourcing/scrounging materials!) 3 hrs 0 hrs
Cost to Build £5 £0

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Preliminary Sketches & Development

A few links to aging paper techniques. I’m not going to go into too much detail here as this is an easy one!

Along with aging the paper I want to add “blood” stains and maybe a wineglass stain. Once I have a few different versions, I will pick the best and add a wax seal and ribbons.

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Review So Far!

Contract so far...
Contract so far…

Its looking pretty good so far! Searched around on and to find a suitably curly font to use and on google images to find some swirly embellishments!

The dying of the pages was done by wiping the pages in tea and then sprinkling them with instant coffee granules before smearing the coffee around. Then cooking them at 100° until the edges start to curl up.

Next steps are possibly some more staining and the wax seals.

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