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Another fire toy for me to play with… I often rant about the dangers of fire breathing but all that discussion is covered on the Home Of Poi site – Dangers of Fire Breathing. So rather than breathing fire its more impressive awe-inspiring to build your own flamethrower! I’m not going into too much detail here as I’m not sure of the legalities but it will be a gas fuelled flame thrower and NOT a liquid fueled flame thrower (much safer!).

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Brief & Inspiration

I had a play with one built by Angus and Hannah in Perth, Australia and it was a lot of fun!


Parts Sources


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Time & Money

  Estimated So Far…
Time to Design 15 hrs 0 hrs
Time to Build
(Including sourcing/scrounging materials!)
20 hrs 0 hrs
Cost to Build £200 £0

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Preliminary Sketches

The charge/fire valve needs to be an L-Valve NOT a T-Valve….  https://valveman.com/blog/understanding-tport-vs-lport-directional-flows/

I need to get down from the 3 way valve down to the copper pipe, unless I can find a 10 or 15mm compression 3 way valve!



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Review So Far!

  • Confirmation of accumulator tank sizes.
  • Speak with Jonny about welding and threading the pipe.
  • Should the piping be brass/copper to ensure gas tight fit?
  • Can a T Ball valve be sourced for the isolator?
  • Voice for MP3 playback “weapon armed” – Could Jonny record something?
  • Would be nice to have a Bluetooth / wireless output options.
  • Confirm if the accumulator should be raised to 3 bar and if the pre mix should happen in the accumulator.
  • Where should the flash arrestor be situated, is it enough to have one arrestor prior to the high pressure regulator or should there be an additional flash arrestor between the accumulator tank and nozzle? (cheap enough to do both in proving tests)
  • What are the weight constraints? (Comfort of carrying for 1 hour walk about <15kg including accumulator and fuel)
  • What are the size constraints (storage and transport)? (flight case?)

Audio options

  • Switch between on-board speakers and 3.5mm jack.
  • Use the BTR Audio link on the desk but would need a Bluetooth transmitter
  • Use a radio mike?
  • Play back an audio file using the Pi or the small Arduino board from EMF.
  • Power supply for integral audio, speakers, amp, lights
  • Possible to include a mike in the mask that ties in to the speaker/remote output?

Lighting options

  • LED charge indicator
  • Pilot light indicator
  • Glowing / pulsing symbol?
  • Integral Spot?

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