Project Status: Complete

I have a 6 year old…. we have foam swords, I now have an excuse to make some plywood shields.

I recon I can just cut a template out of ply and then mount this one some curved battens to bend it!

I decided to keep the first one simple but I’m pretty happy with the results so far.


So far I’ve just jigsawed out the shape (paper template folded in half to make it symmetrical), free-handed all of the lines in pencil, gone over the pencil with sharpie and used a silver marker. If I had a belt sander this would be so much easier…. belt sander, band saw, table saw, grinder…. these are all on my Christmas list!

Next steps will be a blue background, red (or possibly yellow lion) and then i’m thinking of some rivet detailing in the silver border before adding a simple handle on the back. If it were for a grown up then I’d go for diagonal or multi-direction straps and padding but I’ll keep it simple and just do a wooden handle!

Blue poster paint and silver paint marker for the crown and teeth.

Cut and sanded the handle, red poster paint for the lion.

2nd coat of blue, rivet details on the border, attached the handle and covered/painted the screw heads, redone the line work.

Next should just be varnishing once its dried!

After a coat of Clearcoat its looking pretty good!

Improvements for next time

  • Take more care filling ans sanding the screw heads
  • Figure out a more even way to maintain the border width rather than freehand
  • Get a band saw and table sander to make life easier!!