Steampunk Gun

Project Status: Complete

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Steam punk accessories and equipment that can be used with many costumes.

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Brief & Inspiration

Warhammer 40K Style
Warhammer 40K Style
Halo Style
Halo Style

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Time & Money

  Estimated So Far…
Time to Design 2 hrs 1 hrs
Time to Build (Including sourcing/scrounging materials!) 6 hrs 0 hrs
Cost to Build £50 £7

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Preliminary Sketches & Development

Nerf MaverickI am going to use a Nerf Maverik as the base for this as it is cheap, actually shoots a dart, looks great and importantly is cheap (£7).

Nerf Maverick With Attachments
Nerf Maverik With Attachments

There are also various attachments that can be fitted to the Nerf Maverik that could easily go through the same sort of modifications.

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So on we go….

1. Sand Down any bits you don’t want. I used a 240 grit sand paper to remove the Nerf logo and any of the text I didn’t want.

2. Take it apart…. take lots of photos as you go so you can easily remember how to put it back together. Put screws into separate, labelled baggies!

3. Undercoat, still not sure on the colour scheme so far but its going to be a dark colour scheme so I’m going for a matt black base layer. I was pretty heavy on the paint so actually had to sand some pits back and respray them once it was all screwed back together. Even so it still looks pretty good so far….. please note the single unidentified screw. Still not sure where that came from but it seems to work fine without it. I also had to fire about 20 times before the action was smooth again, at a guess the paint was too thick in some sections and just wore down or settled in some way. I certainly would not like to do too many layers over the moving parts!

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