Warhammer Case

The boy child has started to get into Warhammer. Enough to get a case! The official ones are really expensive and I’d rather save my money for a resin printer to print all the mini’s! Other options were to buy 3rd party or make one. So of course I made one.

I managed to pick up a second hand flight case from ebay for £13, local so no postage.

Then i got some foam inserts that fit from ebay. – £17


I riveted on an eyelet to the inside of the base and the lid. This is to take the strain off the back and the hinges when the case is open. I always do this with flight cases. Helps them last a lot longer bit is not strictly necessary. Not sure on price as I had loads lying around, the string between them is just a bit of paracord.

The bottom tray is hot glued in place and the next tray sits on top. This will store around 105 miniatures.

Possible improvements

  • I could take the foam out of the lid and add in a third layer of miniatures.
  • Definitely want to add a logo, will have to consult the boy child.
  • Could possibly make a glowing logo…..

Total Cost: £30