Web Design

Let us design a professional website for you that works! Websites at their heart must be user-friendly, you must be abe to present information quickly to your clients without them having to trawl through pages of information and becoming frustrated.

As a company we develop sites using PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and MySQL / SQL. We find that the open source sites that this creates are accessible by a greater range of cross-platform browsers. Please see our portfolio for links to some of the sites that we have worked on.

Please contact us at info@IceniDesign.com for further information on how we can assist your business or organisation. Please give as much detail as possible so that we can present you with informed options and can reduce the amount of time that it takes to produce a site for you.

Simple Sites

Simple Sites

Simple sites can be rapidly created to give you a web presence, host you most frequently asked questions to reduce your workload and allow potential customers to find you. Work with us to create colour schemes, logos and a site that appeals to you and your customers.

From a single page with your contact details to a couple of pages it is important to have an online presence to reassure your customers and improve your reputation.

WordPress Sites


Wordpress sites can be developed to give you the same benefits as the Simple Sites above but to also allow you update your own site easily without further intervention or assistance from us. We can cheaply and quickly set you up a site using an existing template or build you a custom template allowing you to modify the design as much as you like. Wordpress sites allow you to quickly and easily integrate with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter helping raise your online profile simply and easily.

Database Driven Sites


By using MySQL or SQL databases to store large amounts of data it becomes easier for staff to manage what is presented on a site. Data is pulled straight from a database and presented through your website to your customers. This allows your staff to manage the data and not worry about the website. We have developed database driven sites that display sales and product information along with allowing customers to locate and download manuals and brochures.



We have developed several eCommerce sites based around both OpenCart and ZenCart frameworks. They are a great way to bring your products to the public. Let us work with you and build you a site allowing you to upload your own products, manage pricing, billing, stock and inventory.

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