Rigging a suspension point

Project Status: Complete

I’ve been asked this a few times now so I’m putting together some information here. I’m also buying a new house soon so will be able to add them wherever I want!

  • Boxing heavy bag
  • Lighting rigs
  • Decor
  • Rope suspension
  • Aerial hoop
  • Silks
  • Swing

Safety 1st!

Before we start, you’re going to be at height (assuming you are hanging yourself in some way and not equipment) read this…



Here’s a basic overview so you get the idea…

Assuming that you have a plastered ceiling then the neatest way to do this involves lifting floorboard in the room above. This is my cunning plan so far, there are easier ways to do it but this should provide a safe and secure suspension point.

Cunning Plan

The advantage of using a cross member between two joists is that you can get a crossmember of appropriate width for drilling the hole for your eyebolt. You don’t want to drill a hole directly through a thin joist to accommodate your eyebolt and weaken the joist itself! With any luck this method will also not result in lots of holes drilled through your ceiling as you aim for a joist or crossmember blindly from below.

  • Lift floorboard above where you want the suspension point.
  • Drill a pilot hole, mid way between to joists, down to check you are in the right place in the room beow.
  • Drill a hole through a beam to use as a cross member. The cross member should be shorter than the joists to allow space for the top of the eyebolt and the nut(s).
  • Install a crossmember between the two joists over the pilot hole.
  • Drill through the pre-drilled hole in the crossmember and through the plaster into the room below.
  • Pass the eyebolt up through your shiny new hole.
  • Place a large washer or reinforcing plate over the end of the eyebolt to further spread the load.
  • Install at least one nut preferably 2 with one of them being a lock nut
  • Tighten each nut in turn while someone in the room below holds the eye in the orientation that you are hoping to achieve.
  • Before refitting the floorboards above consider adding an access hatch so you can check on the suspension point easily. You’re less likely to check if its hard to do!


Commercial Eye Bolt - 316 Grade Stainless Steel

Make sure it is a nice fat one that is stainless steel and forged. Read the Crash Restraint article linked above for why you need one of these and not a cheap one.

I used a hole saw to cut a larger hole up from below, around where the 12mm spade bit drilled down through the ceiling. I then used the same hole saw to cut a wooden spacer / washer the thickness of the terrible artex ceiling and plaster. I could have used a bigger holesaw and sanded it down to get a flush fit but there’s nothing stopping me going back and doing that.

3 of these bad boys later….

The one I did in the photo I cut too far from the joist on the left hand side so there wasn’t much of the joist hanger supporting the floorboard but there was only about 120mm of it sticking out from under the wall so not much load…. meh!!

Next stop….. Gym rings, yoga swing, straps, silks, aerial hoop……

Scaffold Bed

Project Status: Backlog

I want an industrial looking 4-poster-bed. I like the idea of it being scaffold pole but less chunky.

I like the look of this with the mix of thicknesses for the bars.


Ebay does some fairly cheap fixtures, fittings and poles with a nice looking industrial finish.

Bung on some Ikea bed slats and I reckon that you could build one for about £300 + the mattress.

Pump Up the Volume Middle Finger Light

Project Status: Complete

I love Pump Up the Volume…. I want the middle finger light to go above my work desk. I think I can do it easily enough with a USB LED bulb thingy as I have a load spare.

Here are a load of images I stole off YouTube clips…

It doesn’t seem to have a switch in the film, there appears to be a separate switch attached to one of the mixers who’s sole function is to turn this light on!

I think I’m going to skip this and have a small box with multiple switches for various different lights.

There are also a bunch of other lights …

There are a few scenes where the ‘No’ is covered over but it would be cool to have the ‘No’ and ‘Vacancies’ on different switches.

This one needs to be made as well but possible with the a separate switch so that I have a single control panel for the different lights.

I have no idea what this is but it is awesome and I want it!

Possible tattoo ideas?

On with the Build

If I base everything around 5v USB then I can chop and change as I want. It seems like I’m using 5v USB connectors wherever I can. I don’t like attaching trailing leads to projects, I much prefer mounting sockets and removable cables as you can then swap out cables for different types/styles/lengths of cable.

These are the type of lights I’m going to use. Look for USB light on aliexpress / ebay to find them, they are cheap!


I’ve decided that my control box / switches are going to be in a separate case like the film but I’m not sticking to the film and I want to control multiple lights from one box.

These are the switches that I am going with. They are chunky, overkill, satisfying and I love them! I periodically buy handfuls of them as they find their way into various projects.

As always I do a rough sketch / sanity check before I do anything else.

I might add an LED to the switch box to show if the switch box has power.

So the switch box has now morphed into this….

That is pretty much finished so back to this! I was going to make a rough first draft as we are in lockdown due to COVID-19 and I can’t get parts but I just kept going…

The slot is cut for a chunk of perspex but I didn’t have any… what I did have was a plastic milk bottle that I cut up.

…and then traced the image on straight off the screen of my laptop…

Painted the box red and finished the wiring. I went for the dimmest of the lights in the end as they were so bright. I even had to bounce the light off the back of the box as it was too bright shining straight out.

The camera can’t show the light and the image on the screen but in person it comes out fine!


  • I should really go back and tidy up the edges of the of the inside of the front plate.
  • The switch and USB port should also be nicer mounted on a metal panel on the side of the box. The wood is quite thick making it difficult for a clean mount. I also need to get a bunch of better surface mount USB ports.

Lighting Rig

Project Status: Backlog

I want to build a lighting rig. In fact I want to build a couple of lighting rigs. I think I can canabalise a kids trampoline to do this. Before anyone whinges, I’ve got another trampoline from freecycle and the boy gets to choose his favorite before I hack apart the other!

Rig 1

The first rig I want to be a simple small bar over my desk as a place to rig a couple of lights for testing and to have them out and in use as oppose to boxed for most of the time. I should be able to do this from either the legs of the trampoline or the uprights that hold the netting that stops the boy bouncing off it.

Rig 2

The trampoline breaks down into 4 sections that gives me several modular options of making a small circular rig, an S shaped rig using all four pieces, 2 smaller S shaped rigs or 4 separate curved sections.

Normally the pieces just slot together and are held in place by the tension on the springs and the bit you bounce on, as I’m not going to have this, I’m going to drill through the bits that slot together so that I can drop a bolt in to hold them together.

Mounting Points

Ideally I would weld a loop at the end of each section to attach a supporting chain. But as my welding is none existent I’m going to have to settle for bolting the sections together with eyebolts, having the supporting chain go around the bar and attach to itself AND the eyebolt with a quick link. This way the bar rests on the support chain and the load of the whole rig plus lights is not on the nut on the underside of the eyebolt. The eyebolt will prevent the chain slipping along the bar but should not be considered as load bearing.


Project Status: Abandoned

I want to build a throne, for my front room, because it would be awesome.

Not bothered about the beer cooler but the throne would be great in my front room.


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Three thrones waiting for dispatch this week. Read more about our thrones in our latest blog post by clicking here.

Second thoughts….

Hmmmm now I’m having second thoughts on this one as I might prefer a wingback chair to a throne!